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Join our CSA membership for 4 or 8 months.
Pasture-Raised, Rotated Daily

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Now taking orders for the 2023 Season

What is a CSA Membership

CSA stands for "community supported agriculture. What makes it unique, is that it encourages both farmer and consumer to cultivate a relationship together. it is a form of membership program, where the consumer pays a fee at the beginning of the year, which helps the farmer pay for inputs at the beginning of the year, when most of the farm purchases are made.


In return, members come to scheduled pickup sites to receive monthly boxes of the farmer's harvest throughout the season, and a chance to chat and get to know their farmer one-on-one.

CSA... What's it all about?

Imagine being a "partner" in a local chicken farm, and receiving a box of the farms's harvest once a month, grown and raised by that local farmer. Then going home and cooking up a storm packed full of nutrient dense protein that you and your family can enjoy.


hang on to your tail feathers, we're about to make dinner exciting again!

What's in the Box?

You can expect consistency from month to month with your boxes, you don't have to worry about choosing what comes with your box every month, just pick once and you're done! Whether you pick our Whole Bird Box or the Variety Box, you receive about 3 chickens worth of meat (about 9-14 lbs.). Every bird is sized differently, so one month you may have extra large drumsticks and the next, your wings might be smaller than expected. No matter the size, you can still expect the same great flavour from our chickens.


We recommend trying the CSA sampler box if you're not sure which is best for you (It's the same as the Variety Box)

Pick from 2 Membership Levels

Choose between our 4-month half share or commit to a whole season with an 8-month share

...Or try out our one-time sampler box!
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8-Month Share



  • 8 consecutive months of chosen box type

  • 3 chickens worth of meat per box, pasture-raised

  • Better bang for your buck, greater per month savings

  • Monthly meal plans & preservation tips

  • Access to our private CSA Facebook group for inspiration and recipe sharing

  • First dibs to pre-order CSA boxes for the next season once current season ends

4-Month Share



  • 4 consecutive months of chosen box type

  • 3 chickens worth of meat per box, pasture-raised

  • Monthly meal plans & preservation tips

  • Access to our private CSA Facebook group for inspiration and recipe sharing

  • First dibs to pre-order CSA boxes for the next season once current season ends

  • We've provided 3 options in the online store for 4-month blocks. pick the timeline that works best for you.

Sampler Box


  • (1) Whole Chicken

  • (4) Boneless Skinless Breasts

  • (4) Bone-in, Skin-on Thighs

  • (4) Drumsticks

  • ~1lb Wings

Where are the Pickup Locations?

At checkout, you'll be asked to choose from 4 pickup locations.

This will be where you pick up your orders all throughout the length of your membership.

Pick up days are the 4th Saturday of every month, starting July 22, 2023

Is CSA right for YOU?
(How can you find out?)

Let’s be honest. Not everyone will "click" with the CSA model, and that’s okay! We want you to be successful. Lucky for you, we have a good idea of the type of person who will jive with a monthly box of chicken. We’ve identified the 6 questions you should ask to help you know if our CSA farm would be right for you. Would you like to know what they are?

How to Join our CSA

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Choose your Box type and Subscription Length

For first-timers, we recommend one of the 4-month options. Choose the timeframe that's right for you.


Choose your Pickup Location or Delivery

There are 4 pickup locations in Oxford County to choose from. You will be asked to pick one at checkout, or opt for home delivery


Enjoy Cooking from Scratch!

After you pick up your first box in mid-July, explore the contents at home and start whipping up some delicious meals. We'll be there to help along the way!

Get to know your Farmers

See the Faces behind your Food

Farming for us is much more than just raising animals. It's what we live and breathe for, and it's become a part of us.


We are honored to be stewards of the land, and excited for the opportunity to grow healthy, nutrient dense food for those people who choose to stand behind us.


We'll show you where your food comes from, how to get creative in the kitchen with our products, and enjoy making meals again

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How Does Payment Work?

CSA Shares are paid in full before the season begins. We offer 4 payment options, to make the transaction as simple as possible for you!

  1. Pay directly through the online store with your credit card, Apple Pay, or Google Pay.

  2. To help us avoid hefty credit card fees, we ask that you consider payment via E-Transfer to our email: or:

  3. Pay by cheque: make cheques payable to either Brandon La Rose or Manita La Rose. If paying by cheque, we must receive it two weeks before your first box pickup date. Cheques can be mailed to the farm address.


If you need to break up the amount into smaller disbursements, that's totally ok! Just send us your cheques post-dated to the dates you would like us to cash them. Just as long as your order is paid in full, two weeks before the first box.

Flip through the CSA Handbook

Want to get down to the nitty gritty? Our comprehensive handbook goes through all the details of the CSA. From how to pick up your share, to what to do if you miss a box. Click the link below to download the handbook!

Asked Questions



Can I send someone else to pick up my box if I can't be there?

Yep! If you can't make it, send a friend! All they have to do is give us your name. Make sure to let them know to bring a cooler or a bag to bring the order home in

Do you credit my account if I miss a box?

No, Sorry. We ask that you make the commitment to be at the pickup site at each pickup day. It is just too labor intensive to keep track of everyone who misses their box and credit them for it.

What happens if I forget to pick up my order?

If you are able to reach us via text prior to the site closing, we can hold your products and take them back to our farm, where we will hold them for 48 hours or bring them to the next pickup site.

Can I change my pickup site?

Yes! If you are able to let us know 2 days in advance, we can accommodate a change of pickup site. We ask that you don't change your site too often, as this makes it more difficult to keep track of everyone

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Sign up now and Join our CSA "Flock"!

Locally Grown, Pasture-Raised, Nutrient Dense Food. Yep, you can feel good about putting this on your table

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