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All individual Chicken cuts (ie. breast, drumsticks, wings etc.) and beef orders are paid for by the pound, with a deposit paid up front. Once your order is weighed, you will receive an email with the final invoice to be paid at or before pickup. All boxes (CSA boxes, sampler boxes) are paid in full up front, or if you prefer, send us post-dated cheques to pay in smaller chunks.

Smoked Chicken Breast

In stock
Product Details
Price per unit: $12.00 per pound
Units in product: Approximately 1.5 pounds

It's a Ham! It's a Roast! It's.... Smoked Chicken! The crowd goes wild! They can't believe it's not ham!

In all seriousness, the first time we cut into our smoked chicken breast, we really couldn't believe it was chicken, it tastes JUST like ham, except there's no grizzly bits (just ask Brandon, he's SUPER picky about that stuff) AND it's even more tender than ham!

Easy to snack on, Our smoked chicken Breasts would be great on crackers with cheese, on a sandwich, or prepared in the oven or slow cooker like any regular ham. The rind is spectacular, and the flavor is just amazing. You HAVE to try it for yourself!

Perfect for camping trips, or back to school lunches!

That's not even the best part yet. The best part? No cooking required. Yeah, just pop this baby out of the freezer for a day, and it's ready for snacks, sandwiches and more!

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