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"Meat" your Chicken Farmers

Hi there, our names are Brandon and Manita La Rose. Brandon's a tractor loving (both big and small), model-train-hobbying truck mechanic, and Manita' s a dairy-farm-raised, hands-on-building project designer/drafter. Together, we farm on 83 acres just outside of Hickson Ontario, where we live with our 5 barn cats, 600 chickens, and Teddy the farm dog.

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Why We Farm

The Short Answer? It's in our Blood

Brandon's grandparents owned a beef operation outside of Ingersoll Ontario, until it was sold many years ago. Manita grew up on her family's dairy farm just outside of Tavistock Ontario. Farming is something that is engrained in our DNA, and it's a passion we feel should be shared.


We often take for granted the gift of the simplicity of farm living. We believe that by having a direct connection with our customers, that you will be able to catch a glimpse at farm life, and see exactly how your food is grown, and reconnect with nature.

The Problem

Misinformation and Misunderstandings

More and more consumers are searching for the answer to where does their food actually come from? Who are the people behind it? What do all these labels such as non-GMO, organic, or free-range even mean? Fear in the media has many people opting for beyond-meat products because they can't trust their food anymore.


The number of small scale farms are in decline as bigger operations become more commonplace. In fact, in 2021 alone, we lost 1,254 farms in Ontario. That's 1,254 lost opportunities to buy local food.

The Solution

A Direct Connection with your Food

When you choose to partner with a small-scale local farmer, you not only support local food, but you build a connection with the farmer, and by extension, a connection with your food and agriculture as a whole.


By knowing who, how and where your food is grown, you begin to understand that good food takes real effort from real people. You can savor the taste of that effort in the flavor of our nutrient dense chicken, that was raised the right way

The Story Behind your Food

On our farm, we know there is value in trusting 100% that you are eating good, clean food. Our mission is to bring you arm in arm with us as we show you the ups and downs of farming, and telling you the story of your food.

Whether you support us by shopping via our online store, or you are a monthly subscription member, we ensure you a food experience rich in meaning and purpose.

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