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The Full Story

Our Farming Philosophies

It's important to know where your food comes from, and for your farmer to communicate that to you. Something that grocery stores can't (or won't) give you. We hope that the information we share here gives you confidence in eating again!

Regenerative Farming

How chickens can change the landscape

Bottom line, regenerative agriculture is a proactive way of farming. It's a way of healing the land, and giving back to the soil instead of only taking from it. 



  • what you do now

  • for whom

  • how you do it

  • what this achieves

Simply put, to leave our farm in better condition than when we got it. to restore, rebuild and invigorate the quality of our soil, and thereby anything that is raised on it. As stewards of the soil, our mission is to raise the best quality meat, on the best quality land. We want our customers to be the most educated and confident consumers of poultry



  • where you're going

  • what you want your mission to ultimately achieve, for you, your customers, and/or society


  • what you stand for

  • beliefs through which you create and carry out your goals



  • tangible ways you'll carry out your mission and progress toward your vision

Want to know more?

Have more questions? or just want to know more about what we do? You can visit our FAQ page, or contact us and ask us anything! We pledge to be transparent in our farming practices, and want to educate people as much as we can!

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