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Some individual Chicken cuts (ie. breast, whole birds, thighs etc.) are paid for by the pound, with a deposit paid up front. Once your order is weighed, you will receive an email with the final invoice to be paid at or before pickup. All boxes (Subscriptions, or one-time boxes) are paid in full up front


All Beef cuts are pre-weighed and individually priced, so the price paid on the site is the final price, no deposits or invoicing! Price Shown in the main menu is the price per pound for each cut

Mixed Quarter Beef Down Payment

In stock
Product Details
Price per unit: $5.95
Units in product: 150-200 pounds

WindRose Farm Beef, like our chicken, is finished on pasture. We feel that this is the best way to get nutrient dense wholesome meat, while providing the best possible quality of life for these animals!

Estimated date of butchering is currently late fall, early winter. We plan to have Beef before Christmas!

All our Beef Packages come with roughly 1/3 steaks, 1/3 Roasts, and 1/3 Ground Beef. We do not do front halves or back halves etc. to ensure everyone gets equal access to all the best parts! All Weights are approximate, deposit price is based on 50% of the approximate final weight. Once we get final weights from the butcher, you will receive an invoice for the amount remaining.

All prices are based off of hanging weight, not final packaged weight as that is how we are charged by the butcher.

  • 50-67lbs Steaks
  • 50-67lbs Roasts
  • 50-67lbs Ground Beef

Freezer Space:6 cu.ft.

Meals (fam. of 4): 50-70

Weeks Supply:15-25

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