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Your Source for Local Pastured Poultry

All individual Chicken cuts (ie. breast, drumsticks, wings etc.) and beef orders are paid for by the pound, with a deposit paid up front. Once your order is weighed, you will receive an email with the final invoice to be paid at or before pickup. All boxes (CSA boxes, sampler boxes) are paid in full up front, or if you prefer, send us post-dated cheques to pay in smaller chunks.

Whole Chicken

Price shown is for deposit only. Final price determined by final weight
In stock
Product Details
Price per unit: $5.00 per lb
Units in product: average 4.5lbs

Chicken with all the parts still attached, disassembly required. Delicious spices and beer can not included! Check out this beer can chicken recipe for inspiration:

All our chicken is pasture-raised, and antibiotic-free. Price shown is for deposit only. Once we have your order ready and final weights are confirmed, you will receive an invoice by e-mail which must be paid before receiving your order. If you paid by credit card, your card will automatically be charged the remaining amount.

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